Pizza. Am I crazy

Should’ve started blogging a long time ago. God knows I have enough to talk about. So here it goes.

You would think after trying my hand at selling ice cream for a living I’d smarten up and high tail it back to corporate america. Guess what. They don’t want me back lol. Not many spots for an over the hill middle manager out there. Also not the best economy to be looking for work… oh well…

So I checked out a bar. Wow that would be cool. Always wanted to own a bar. Be like Sam Malone and pour beer all day and makeĀ a bundle. Unfortunately the place had some not so great numbers and was in an ‘eh’ location. To much risk to jump on that one. The bar fantasy will have to wait. Maybe in my next phase – the one that sees me in the Caribbean…..

Checked out a few other businesses but that’s for my next post.

These will get better. I promise (i hope)